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“Spirit of Nations”

Al Hoota Cave is the main sponsor of the Expat Basketball Tournament “Spirit of Nations” since 2011.

The 1st Expat Basketball Tournament “Spirit of Nations 2006” took place in May 2006 at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex. Non-professional teams of different nationalities were invited to participate at the tournament. Each team consisted of maximum 12 players from one country of the age between 20-50 years old. The matches between Omani and Expat Female teams took place at opening and closing ceremonies. Omani, Lebanese, USA, Philippines, South African and Japanese male teams competed with each other.

The winners were:

1. USA        2. Oman     3. Lebanon

The 2nd Expat Basketball Tournament “Spirit of Nations 2012” took place in October 2011. It had a same concept, male and female matches. Omani, Lebanese, USA, Spanish, Turkish, Serbian, Sudanese and Filipino teams competed with each other.

The winners were:

1. Oman      2. USA        3. Spain

The professional referees from the Basketball Association of Oman were arbitrating all Tournaments, which had a great success. Organizers received a lot of requests to make it annual. In this regard, the 3rd Expat Basketball Tournament “Spirit of Nations 2012” was organized and started on April 12, 2012 at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex. The 3rd Expat Tournament welcomed Chinese, Lebanese, Filipino, Serbian, Spanish, Sudanese, Turkish and USA male teams along with Al Hoota Cave Omani female and Spirit of Nations Expat female teams on board.

The winners were:

1. Philippines      2. Turkey        3. Lebanon

More info is available on “Spirit of Nations, Oman” Facebook page.

“We are All Oman, Al Hamra Half Marathon”

Sponsored by Al Hoota Cave and organized by Al Taawon team, the Event took a place on Thursday 15th of March 2012. The marathon participants, the total number of which was more than 100,  covered 12 km starting from  Tanuf and ending at Al Hoota Cave Project. His Excellency Sayed Sulaiman bin Humood Al-Busaidi, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and His Excellency Malek bin Hilal Al-Abri, member of Al Shoora Council supported participants by their presence. Al Hoota Cave Zajal Restaurant offered a tasty meal following the official ceremony and distribution of trophies.

“3rd Muscat International Swimming championship”

We believe regular sports trainings makes us more disciplined, confident, gives us qualities lasting lifetime. Thus, Al Hoota Cave was supporting 2012 Muscat International Open Swim Meet welcoming 308 swimmers attending from all GCC countries in a total of 2038 individual events.

“4th British Schools of the Middle East Swimming championship”

Al Hoota Cave supported the British School Muscat in hosting 2012 BSME Swimming Championship staged at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex (Olympic pool) on February 24th 2012. These championships provided an opportunity to compete against some of the best swimmers of 17 teams who attended British Schools in the Middle East. Oman Swimming Association referees were arbitrating the Championships.

“Make A Child Smile”

Wilayat Al Hamra held a “Make A Child Smile” campaign at Al Hoota Cave Project on the 3rd of March 2011. Zajal Restaurant offered a buffet lunch for the participants of the Event.

“Porsche Club Visit”

More than 35 exclusive cars and drivers from The Oman Porsche Club visited the Cave on the 2nd January 2009,

enjoying first class hospitality at our Zajal restaurant before Speeding off around the Jabal Shams Mountains.

“Al Hamra Marathon”

On the 21st August 2008, PromoOman sponsored a marathon at the project with the graceful presence of

H.E. Malek Bin Hilal Al Abri, a member of Al Shura Council.  Over 200 people attended the event and had dinner along with prize distributions. The participants walked for 5 km.