Al Hoota Cave
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Take the Highway that leads to the Seeb International Airport. Proceed on the highway to reach Burg Al Sahwa roundabout and take Nizwa Road and go straight following the Nizwa Direction. Keep going straight until you will see “Al Hoota Cave” and Nizwa sign showing  right exit.

Take exit to Nizwa and proceed straight until 1st round roundabout.

On 1st roundabout take 3rd exit (turn left) and go straight.

On 2nd roundabout keep going straight.

On 3rd roundabout (Nizwa Souq – Nizwa fort roundabout) take 1st exit (turn right) following “ Al Hoota Cave” and “ Bahla” signs.

On 4th roundabout (book roundabout) go straight.


Go straight approximately 19 km until you see a billboard with a bottle of water “ Tanuf Water factory” on your right side. Pass it and go straight for another 4 km until you reach “Al Maha” petrol station, turn right and go straight approximately 2 – 2.5 km. You will see “Al Hoota Cave” sign showing left turn. After turning left, keep going straight for approximately 10 km – until you will see  “Al Hoota Cave” sign showing right turn. Take the right turn and park your car in front of visitor centre.

Welcome to Al Hoota Cave!

Muscat to Nizwa: 1:30 hr.

Nizwa to Al-Hoota Cave: 0:30 hr.

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Take the main highway to Al-Ain. The Omani side of Al Ain is called al Buraymi. Proceed from Al-Buraymi towards Ibri. Proceed in the direction of Bahla and on to Al Hamra. Follow road signs to get to the cave as the road traverse Al-Hamra palm trees plantations. Drivers need to make sure to fuel their car tanks before leaving Ibri.

Driving Time: ~ 3:30 hr

A Visa may be required for international tourists coming from Dubai and or Abu Dhabi. Most Resident expatriates are exempt from visa.

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